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hope and acceptance: the peanut butter and jelly of life.

I recently had a conversation with someone at work.  She asked me what I thought about hope and acceptance.  She shared with me that she felt torn between the call to hope and the promise of God’s provision even in … Continue reading

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separation anxiety.

This has been a difficult blog for me to write.  I’ve mulled around the thoughts in my head for quite some time.  This is a raw, honest, agonizing place.  I’m a bit terrified to put these ponderings down on “paper” … Continue reading

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a nugget of hope.

Why do we lose hope so easily?  Scratch that.  Why do I lose hope so easily?  I am already painfully aware that life is quite the inconsistent roller coaster of emotions, challenges, and unexpected circumstances.  However, I also believe in … Continue reading

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