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Do you ever pray with your hands crossed behind your back?  I do.  Often.  I say, “God, I am 100% committed to doing this,” and think, ever so deviously, that I can trick God into then providing some type of … Continue reading

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glad i’m not the scarecrow.

Sometimes I just can’t help but think it’s so interesting the way God created us.  Our bodies, our minds ~ we are such intricate, creative beings and the complexities of how those inner workings weave together to produce personality and … Continue reading

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a nugget of hope.

Why do we lose hope so easily?  Scratch that.  Why do I lose hope so easily?  I am already painfully aware that life is quite the inconsistent roller coaster of emotions, challenges, and unexpected circumstances.  However, I also believe in … Continue reading

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simple is as simple does.

This is taken from Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home By Richard J. Foster.  I love the truth and simplicity of this prayer.  In its minimalism, it cuts to the heart of a complex, challenging, and seemingly ceaseless issue in … Continue reading

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my life in Snowglobesville.

First off, my apologies for being MIA for the past couple of weeks.  I didn’t think too many people would notice my absence, but then I started to receive some comments about the lack of posts to my blog, some … Continue reading

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fear and loathing in virginia beach. or control freak. take 3

I promised some thoughts on fear so here goes… For me, fear and control go hand and hand (like peanut butter and jelly…great, now I’m hungry).  Well, that’s all fine and dandy to recognize this  – but what do I … Continue reading

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control freak. take 2.

Ok, so control is quite the hot bottom.  Thanks for all your feedback!  Keep it comin’! I thought and thought (and prayed…more minimally than I’d like to admit) and thought some more about control yesterday and why we find it … Continue reading

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control freak.

I got to do THIS over the weekend and it was glorious! With some major help from her roommates, I got to surprise Sarah in Chicago for her birthday.  It was an awesome weekend filled with laughter, great conversation, more laughter, hanging … Continue reading

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