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out with the old in with the new

What always brings me a great sense of contentment?  Exercising my creativity.  I’ve contentedly relished these last few days in giving the ol’ blog a facelift.  So, I say goodbye to “musings” and hello to  No worries, all the … Continue reading


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and Goldilocks said, “this bed is just right.”

I LOVE my bed.  A friend once said that she felt having a bed with smooth, soft sheets, luscious, fluffy pillows, and a puffy, squishy, cozy comforter was the most delightful thing she could imagine beckoning her to slumber each … Continue reading

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defining the task.

contentment [kuhn-tent-muhnt]: 1. mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are 2. assenting to or willing to accept circumstances, a proposed course of action, etc Yikes ~ I think I have taken on quite the challenge.  Mentally or emotionally … Continue reading

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the 31-day challenge.

I’ve discovered a nifty little experiment out here in the blogosphere ~ it’s a 31-day challenge to post on a specific topic of personal interest as a way of charting your journey of encounters, changes, and experiences that result from … Continue reading

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there’s no place like home.

I read an interesting statement in a book the other day that talked about how, as Believers, we started our life journey at home, were then “deported” to a foreign land, and subsequently have been spending our days trying to … Continue reading

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feeding the soul.

It’s important, essential, and needs to happen on a regular basis.  Not just for me ~ for everyone.  How do you feed your soul? Mine is replenished in several ways typically involving various people I love.  Sister, nephew, brother, dad, … Continue reading

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one not-so-know-it-all.

Thoughts screaming through my head when the dreaded alarm jolted me awake this morning: “August is half over!” “I haven’t done a single August blog yet!” “I think my dog needs one of those reduce-your-snoring masks!” (Seriously ~ girl sounds … Continue reading

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living in the land of the free, home of the…entitled.

I missed seeing fireworks yesterday.  I was bummed.  Near where I live there is a park on the water that prides itself on the myriad of festivals it celebrates – the biggest one being an annual harbor festival that commemorates … Continue reading

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love is…

Not sure why I felt compelled to write about love today.  Maybe it’s because today marks the anniversary of losing someone I love.  Maybe it’s the result of some deeper conversations I’ve had with friends lately.  Whatever the reason the … Continue reading

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you either do or you don’t.

Sometimes being in the mental health field can get a bit arduous.  Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of compassion and empathy for many of my clients and the life experiences they have struggled to endure.  However, there … Continue reading

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