and Goldilocks said, “this bed is just right.”

I LOVE my bed.  A friend once said that she felt having a bed with smooth, soft sheets, luscious, fluffy pillows, and a puffy, squishy, cozy comforter was the most delightful thing she could imagine beckoning her to slumber each night.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  My bed brings me absolute contentment when I snuggle deep down into its waiting embrace at night.  The only thing more comforting…when I wake up to a cool, crisp autumn morning and I scrunch deep into the cave of linens that wrap me in warmth and insist on making me late for work.

How content would you be in one of these beds?  Delicious.

Oh Pinterest…you’ll be the death of me yet.  Pictures found here, here, and here.

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1 Response to and Goldilocks said, “this bed is just right.”

  1. Joseph Lee says:

    I remember your sofa bed not being all that comfortable.

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