i am indiana jones.

I wish I were blessed with the ability to draw (bet you didn’t think that would be the first line of this post!).  Oftentimes, my thoughts morph into pictures that represent what I see myself dealing with and I would love to transfer those pictures to paper (in the same way I pull out those thoughts in my head).

Thankfully, there are many people out there who have the ability to create beautiful images and turn them into physical realities.  This morning, I will give props and thanks to Steven Spielberg for this awesome representation of faith.  Like Mr. Jones, I am stepping out in faith, trusting the God of the Universe that He is directing my path as I move forward in my journey.  Today, this morning, I am severely uncertain of what lies ahead in my life.  And yet, today, this morning (because in all honesty I know there will be times where my faith will still falter though my foundation is strong), I have an all-consuming confidence that God is beneath me.  His plan is unfolding with each step I take across this cavernous ravine.  I don’t know my endgame, I’m extremely uncertain of the details, but I am entirely at peace with the unknown.

I am Indiana.

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1 Response to i am indiana jones.

  1. jamesgorton says:

    I am stimulated by your post today. I need to do the same thing in my life so thanks for the encouragement.

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