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separation anxiety.

This has been a difficult blog for me to write.  I’ve mulled around the thoughts in my head for quite some time.  This is a raw, honest, agonizing place.  I’m a bit terrified to put these ponderings down on “paper” … Continue reading

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glad i’m not the scarecrow.

Sometimes I just can’t help but think it’s so interesting the way God created us.  Our bodies, our minds ~ we are such intricate, creative beings and the complexities of how those inner workings weave together to produce personality and … Continue reading

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dream house.

Who knew it would be in Idaho? This house is designed by Olson Kundig Architects. Did I mention I love it?? (oh…and I’ll take the man in the first photo too if he comes with it)

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the frustrations of faith.

I got a text from a friend last night, commenting on my blog post from yesterday.  We talked briefly about the frustrations of faith and how we, as earthly dwellers, continue to fall into the same sin traps repeatedly despite … Continue reading

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a nugget of hope.

Why do we lose hope so easily?  Scratch that.  Why do I lose hope so easily?  I am already painfully aware that life is quite the inconsistent roller coaster of emotions, challenges, and unexpected circumstances.  However, I also believe in … Continue reading

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theme song.

love this.

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vacation anyone?? who’s with me?

I think I would like to go here.  Tomorrow. And this is my transportation of choice. You know you wanna come….

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desperate times call for desperate measures.

What have you done in desperation? We’ve all done something (probably a lot more than a something). The thing about desperation is it clouds our judgment. One thing I’ve learned in my profession is that a lot of intense emotions … Continue reading

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i am indiana jones.

I wish I were blessed with the ability to draw (bet you didn’t think that would be the first line of this post!).  Oftentimes, my thoughts morph into pictures that represent what I see myself dealing with and I would … Continue reading

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just a little perspective.

Sometimes it amazes me that I still worry.  Now, I’ve got to stop and give myself some credit because the level of agonizing I experience (ok ~ create) now is miniscule in comparison to the amount I encountered even just … Continue reading

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