you complete me.

Oh Jerry Maguire, I think you captured many a girls’ heart with that line.

It was those three words that got my thoughts going this morning while I enjoyed a nice cup of delicious coffee (no, thank you, I do not have a problem).

You complete me.

First, let me give a disclaimer; I am not the hugest fan of romantic comedies. Perhaps it’s because I like to live a bit too much in reality and I have a hard time finding the “escapist” value in these films (unless they’re heavily weighted on the comedy side). Although, I would very much argue that I’m a dreamer. I’m just insistent on making my dreams a reality (as I believe ANYONE can!). So, maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a cynic? Hmmm…guess it doesn’t really matter why. 🙂 ***And please note that this is a personal preference not a judgment as I have lots of friends who love romcoms for the very reason of having a brief respite from the drudgery of daily life or just because they enjoy the entertainment value these films provide.

Ok…back to my original thoughts. These three words got me thinking about my approach to life, really a comparison between how I live now and how I used to live just a few years ago. I think in my early twenties the “you” part of that sentence could be filled with any number of words ~ the right job, monetary success (i.e. financial independence), a relationship, Boston (or some other great city), perfection, lack of conflict, etc., etc.

The reality is ~ none of those things seemed to fit.

I like to use the analogy of a puzzle a lot in life. I’ll use it for myself, I’ll share it with friends, and I’ll talk about it in sessions with my clients. Why? Because often times I think the problems we personally create come from trying to make something work in our lives that just doesn’t fit. We often misidentify things, places, accomplishments, or people as the missing puzzle piece we’ve been searching for for so long. And for those of you who’ve put together a particularly challenging puzzle, you know there are many pieces that look extremely similar. And yet, only one piece is designed to fit in any precise space and a puzzle isn’t fully complete until you put that one last, exact piece into place.

Whatever I choose to fill in that “you” with, the last piece of the puzzle, there isn’t room for anything else. Sure other elements of life interact and influence me in numerous ways, but they’re non-essentials, unexpected offerings, or bonuses if you will. Or, on the flip side, they’re hindrances, misleading “facts,” or pains that I can gratefully say don’t define me (though they may hurt for some time).

So, I shared what I used to think, where am I now? Through honest searching, persistent struggling, lots of past mistakes (and anticipated future ones), willfulness, denial, stubbornness, and finally acceptance and gratitude, I can truthfully say that my “you,” is God. And, as I said above, the beauty of this recognition is that anything I experience above and beyond that which completes me is a blessing and a gift or an element of life I don’t ultimately need to worry about.

“I, even I, am he who comforts you. Who are you that you fear mere mortals, human beings who are but grass?” (Isaiah 51:12 NIV)

_____________ complete me.

What do you fill in the blank with? I hope it’s something of value. Because remember, anything outside of that one word is really just an afterthought.

Oh Renee, if you only knew...

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1 Response to you complete me.

  1. jamesgorton says:

    You are such a good writer. I liked this one the best. It is really true for me that God is the only one that can fill the void. Thanks for the insight

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