a work in progress.

I’ve been consciously making a point this week to take an inventory of my thoughts.  Interestingly, what I’ve discovered is that probably 80 to 90% of the time what consistently pops up in my mind on a daily basis are things that ultimately I can’t control the outcomes of.  Ok, you’re probably thinking, “well duh…didn’t you just write a whole series on control freak not too long ago?”  Yes, yes I did.  And one result of that blog (and the many other circumstances in my life where I struggle with control) is that I’m putting serious effort into relinquishing. But it’s a nasty little process and it takes daily work!

So, back to my inventory.  Often the first step in solving any problem is recognition.  I’ve recognized that the problem exists; now I need to recognize specifically how the problem is defined in my life.  This inventory is serving that purpose.  Ok, so recognition….check.  What next?  Well, this was how God recently spoke to me on my journey of relinquishment.  I was challenged to choose some of those significant areas of control and then identify what I can do with them/for them/in them.  For me, what I can do is rooted in what the Bible tells me to do.


God does the rest.  He listens.  He answers.  He grows.  He fulfills.  He is.

So, this is my latest exercise.  I thought I would share it in hopes of getting some critical feedback (seriously ~ I’d love to hear your thoughts) but also to provide you (whoever you are) with a tool to use if perhaps you struggle with control yourself.  I identify the control issues as specifically as possible and then I write down what I can do about it from the list above.  Sometimes the only thing I might be able to write down is pray (and prayer is ALWAYS on my list because the first thing I usually need to recognize is that God is in control).  Other times I might be able to do some planting or watering as well.  The key is, every time during the day that I think about controlling that one issue (think thoughts of fear, worry, what ifs, I could haves), I stop ~ pull out my list ~ and do what I can.


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