fortune cookie therapy.

One of my work colleagues stopped by my office yesterday and while chatting took notice of an unopened fortune cookie sitting on my desk.

“You have yet to embrace the wisdom of your fortune cookie,” he stated.

“Eck….wasn’t in a sweet mood,” I replied.

With horror and disgust he challenged the madness surrounding my apparent apathy towards destiny-licious desserts.

“Fine. I’ll open it.”

Subsequent to reading the infinite wisdom bestowed upon me by this crunchy, skin-colored cookie (come on – don’t tell me you haven’t thought that before), my colleague exclaimed, “I think I will order a box of fortune cookies and then ask my clients to choose one upon entering my office for their session. Whatever the fortune, that will be my response to their predicaments!”

Hmmmm…what a concept. It certainly got me thinking. What if I accepted this challenge (that was not at any point extended to me)? Could I dare to “make the next move,” in the various situations I am faced with during the next week?

I guess we’ll see….

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1 Response to fortune cookie therapy.

  1. Scott Kalis says:

    This is why I like using my Magic-8 Ball for the tough decisions in the office… :o)

    And – I agree! Fortune Cookies have some inane wisdom and comfort to them when you open that little surprise and just “go with it”.

    P.s.; They make chocolate-covered fortune cookies you know – right? LOL

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