happy birthday.

this post is dedicated to my best friend. over the years we have shared crazy, awesome, amazing memories. some of the highlights. eating carmel apples outside on the porch in the freezing cold weather in flagstaff. putting together puzzles and listening to amy grant. being convinced we’d be the first to get married because we were the last to start dating. trying to love our singleness in our 30s together. knitted slipper ice skating. your dad making me cry. backpacking through europe at 18. flying solo to africa because we could. working at nbc. you saying “crapballs” when i call you with my latest tragedy. long conversations about the most difficult things we’re going through. getting stuck in the pullout couch. the list could go on and on.  sarah, i love you.  on the film reel of my life you would be cast in a leading role.  i can’t think of any major moments on my journey thus far that you haven’t been a part of and for that i am deeply grateful and beyond lucky.  happy birthday sweet friend!

p.s. we need some updated pictures!

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