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This is something I have recently challenged myself to work on.  While this blog has been a glorious outlet to my rambling thoughts, it has also made me even more aware of their abundance!  I am on an inexhaustible quest for … Continue reading

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fact…or feeling.

Feelings are tricky little things.  I personally like to pretend that I don’t have them.  Or at least avoid acknowledging their presence. Lately I’ve been thinking about how I feel and what’s true in my life.  And my mind settled … Continue reading

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I am BLESSED beyond measure to have these in my life… 1. My Heavenly Father 2. my family – love beyond words. 3. my mom – for the imprint she left on me and the 29 years we shared together. … Continue reading

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do I really need to be content right now?

A conversation with a life-long friend was the impetus for my blog post this morning.  We were discussing the topic of contentment.  Interestingly, in the last 24-hours, we’d both struggled with the idea that discontentment with current circumstances is wrong.  … Continue reading


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it was a hit.


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it just isn’t fall without some apple cider.

Have you caught on yet that I LOVE fall?  If you haven’t, let me repeat myself.  I LOVE fall!  I love the cool, crisp air, the leaves changing on the trees, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (shout out to 7-eleven for making … Continue reading

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thoughts on tiny humans…you might call them kids.

Who wouldn’t wake up happy seeing this face every morning? Anyone who knows me (or who has frequented my facebook page) knows how much I love my nephew.  He is typically the highlight of my day.  And today, he got … Continue reading

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self judgement. ain’t it a….well, you know the rest.

Apparently I’ve already broken one of the cardinal rules of blogging.  Thou shalt create a blog with a specific focus (side note: I’m assuming copyright applies to the blogging world so this essential commandment is paraphrased from the page). … Continue reading

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just a few things about me

I  LOVE laughter – the kind of laughter where tears are streaming down your cheeks, it’s almost impossible to catch your breath, and the likelihood of complete muscle failure is imminent. The first thought in my head every morning is … Continue reading

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